Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

ANDYSA 17th Celebration.


 OWRAIIT,,i just can't FORGET,when the F-DJ spin his cdj,and the girls scream out with no hi-heels on their feet,and i also remember when the 12 grade shout "lulus,lulus".o myy !!,,it was just an amazing crowd,everybody move their hips,put their hand in the air,an the beat controlled us,
ok it such a great memory to memorized !.then i also want to thank o ANDYSA PUTRI,so she can invite us for having fun,and be hung up with the party,and also for the EO,it's a gorgeus birthday celebration,and FOR ALL THE BLACKSTABBER A.K.A STERO FIGHTER,,OUR NOISYGATHER NEVER BE REPLACED BY OTHERS.. rite
:) !!!

love stickered on your cheek STERO !!.

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